Monday, September 21, 2020

Welcome to Hobbyhorse Lane, the home of Groovy Tubies® our product range for tube fed people & stoma care.

We are an eco-friendly business and sell lots of useful items for mum and baby care, along with helpful accessories for around your home.

Groovy Tubies®

Groovy Tubies® is a collection of fun and useful items for tube fed people.

We offer Tubie Pads, belts and safety covers in a range of vibrant fabrics.

Every item can be customised to your specific needs, you can message me to discuss your requirements. I offer a range of fabrics for every item.

Eco Accessories

We make and offer a number of products to help mum and baby which are all eco-friendly, including breast pads and dribble bibs.

We also provide a number of environmentally friendly products to use around the house, such as face cloths and un-sponges!

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