Monday, September 21, 2020

About Me

I have been sewing and crafting since I was a young girl. It is a part of my life, something that I can’t imagine not doing! Every day is sewing day…

My mother taught me how to sew, she used to make all our clothes for us when we were children, it is a natural part of our lives. She now makes the most amazing quilts, quilted so neatly by hand.

I have made clothes for myself, my children, then doll making for my girls, dressing up costumes, always made party bags for birthday parties for all the children in the family.; always having a project on the go, something to make or mend for someone!

The main thread which has run through this is the desire to make our own,  reuse when we can and not waste or throw away without thought.

Over the past few years I have been making Bandanna Bibs for the young ones in our family, then my daughter had the idea of handmade reusable breast pads. How great is that! I can remember using the disposable ones, not so nice! These lovely items weren’t around when my children were babies, or at least I didn’t find them! I enjoy making them and decided to turn my love for sewing these useful accessories in to a business.

Groovy Tubies was born from this. I have a friend who has a son who is tube fed. He is unable to take food in by mouth so has a feeding tube which goes directly to his small intestines. The tube is usually held in place with medical gauze and tape, but there is another way, and together with his mother, I am developing products to help him and  other people with the same health problems. Tubie Pads replace the medical gauze and tape and the Tubie Belts keep everything protected; Tubie Safety Covers keep the feeding tube from kinking and is a great safety item for night time feeding. These Groovy Tubie items make such a difference to their lives and we are constantly working on new ideas and products. We have had very positive feedback from Surgeons and nursing staff at our local hospital who have seen the benefits these Groovy Tubie products can make.

I hope you enjoy visiting Hobbyhorse Lane!

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