Monday, September 21, 2020

Eco Accessories

Breast Pads

Our Breast Pads are gentle on the skin, breathable and very absorbent. They come in lots of different fabric choices; flowers, paisley, checked, plain… there’s plenty of choice.

The Breast Pads are contoured, which means the pad will stay in place, unlike the flat circle shape which can move about. This shaping makes them much more comfortable to wear too.

Made with 3 layers of 100% soft cotton flannel, backed with microfleece.

Each pad is approx 5 inches diameter by default, this size is a good average. Although you can message me if you would like a different size.

Cotton Flannel & Bamboo Towelling Face/Wash Cloths

Ideal for face washing,  children love them in the bath or shower.

Dampen them with water and use for bumps and bruises and headaches!

Nice small size for everyone – fun prints for kids and gorgeous prints for teens and adults

Eco-friendly too! they can be used instead of throwaway baby wipes (most of the time!)

They measure approximately 11 cm/4.25 inches square.They are so useful to have in the home – or to take as part of your holiday kit!

Baby Bandanna Dribble Bibs

We have a fine selection of Baby Bandanna Dribble Bibs in two styles; flat cotton shaped bandanna bibs suitable for ages newborn to 3 years old. The other style is made from cotton jersey that drapes like a ‘proper bandanna’ for ages 6 months to 3 years. Have a look – these are great everyday fashion as well as serving a purpose, keeping clothes free from dribble and spillages. Cosy to wear all year round.

All of the bandannas are made with 100% quality cotton fronts, backed with either microfleece or bamboo. Your choice! Microfleece is excellent for wicking away moisture and extremely quick drying. Bamboo is a natural, absorbent fabric that has anti-bacterial properties, that is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Both these fabrics are soft against the skin and are lightweight. All Bandanna Bibs are adjustable using colourful KAM fasteners.

Washing your Eco Accessories

These items can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at up to 40 degrees.

We do sell a sweet little mesh bag, fastened with a colourful toggle, ideal for keeping dribble bibs and breast pads safe and easy to find in the wash!

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