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Groovy Tubies

Groovy Tubies is a collection of fun and useful items for tube fed people. We offer Tubie Pads, belts and safety covers in a range of vibrant fabrics. Every item can be customised to your specific needs, you can message me to discuss your requirements. I offer a range of fabrics for every item you see here.

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Tubie Pads

These pads are invaluable – They replace medical gauze and tape, and can help reduce the risk of infection and granulation at the PEG site area. These are made with bamboo  backing (next to skin). If your child has sensitive skin the bamboo fabric is perfect. They wash well getting softer and fluffier after each wash. All made with 100% cotton tops in fun designs. You’ll never look back!

Tubie Belts

These belts are an essential item when protection of the PEG site area is needed. The belt is also designed to keep everything in place and conceals the tube in a fun and practical way. I custom make each belt to your requirements, but each is designed to be adjustable and allow at least 4 inches growing room and comes with a Velcro fastener.

The belt wraps around the tummy area and is secured with the Velcro to ensure a snug fit, and makes adjustment easy. The window opening at the front has a removable cover so the tube can be easily checked or changed without having remove the belt. The tube can be anchored below the opening, or to the right or left at the sides and is held in place with the Velcro fastener.

We offer two types of belt for different needs:

Everyday Tubie Belt

This belt has a window opening at the front for access, with a lightly padded removable cover. You don’t have to remove the belt to check or change the tube.

Super Protection Tubie Belt

This belt has a slightly different opening at the front. There is a slot where a padded ring can be securely inserted, offering greater protection for the tube site. The removable cover fits right over this, so you have the same features of having access to the tube site without having to remove the belt, and the belt still looks neat and tidy. This option can take the worry away if you have concerns about accidental movement or dislodging of the tube. This is especially helpful when your child is crawling or lying on their tummy.

Either belt comes with a complimentary matching tubie pad!

Tubie Safety Cover

Our cover can help reduce the risk of harm if the tube gets tangled round the neck. The Tubie Safety Cover can also prevents the tube from kinking. This item is especially useful for night time feeds.

The Tubie Safety Cover is wrapped around the extension tube/giving set (tube) and fastened with poppers. Alternatively it can be fastened with Velcro, however from feedback we have received, poppers seem to be more effective at preventing the tube from kinking.

Our standard length is 80cm, but can be custom made to any length and comes in a wide range of fabrics.

100% cotton top backed with polar fleece.

Drainage Bag Covers

Drainage Bag covers made from colourful waterproof PUL fabric. Lots of fun designs to choose from. Fastens with KAM poppers, 2 at the top and 2 or 3 at the bottom for ease of use.

Bandanna Dribble Bibs

We have a fine selection of Bandanna Dribble Bibs in two styles; flat cotton shaped bandanna bibs suitable for ages newborn to 3 years old. The other style is made from cotton jersey that drapes like a ‘proper bandanna’ for ages 6 months to 3 years. Have a look – these are great everyday fashion as well as serving a purpose, keeping clothes free from dribble and spillages. Cosy to wear all year round.

If you would like one of these but in a larger size or with a rounded edge (to look more grown up) just message me.

All of the bandannas are made with 100% quality cotton fronts, backed with either microfleece or bamboo. Your choice! Microfleece is excellent for wicking away moisture and extremely quick drying. Bamboo is a natural, absorbent fabric that has anti-bacterial properties, that is excellent for those with sensitive skin. Both these fabrics are soft against the skin and are lightweight. All Bandanna Bibs are adjustable using colourful KAM fasteners.

Washing Instructions

All of these items can be machine washed at up to 40 degrees. Best to put these items in a mesh laundry bag to keep them safe and easy to find (tubie pads!). We sell these bags made with a drawstring opening fastened with a colourful toggle.

These bags are good quality and stand up to repeated use.

The Tubie Pads, Tubie Belts, Tubie Safety Covers and Bandanna Dribble Bibs have been tried and tested by Otis, who is a little star and an excellent model!

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